You are the creation of the Almighty God. Actually, you are an extension of God. You are made from the same stuff that makes God, God. You, the real you is a creator and have access to the power of God. Do you know that inside your head is a voice that keeps on talking? It talks about everything that you perceive now and your past, what you have experienced. That entity is not you. This entity is your mind, which is a form of energy. Your mind keeps a continuous running monologue whenever you are awake. These are not necessarily your views but what your ego or psyche has experienced.

Pay Attention

If you pay attention, you will see that you can decide to make the voice of your mind say things. You can essentially control that voice at times when you are aware. This shows that there is a separation between you and this voice. The real you that can also control the voice is the Human Spirit. If you check very well, you will see that you are separate from that constant talking voice who is always afraid and feels the need to say something continuously. When you are not aware, you, the human spirit allows the voice to pretend to be you. You then feel that you are one with the voice.

Separate yourself

Learn to separate yourself from this voice. The voice, also known as the human ego, can create a false sense of self that you, the human spirit may mistake as you. You are not your ego. You are an extension of God, the power that has been sent to earth in order to make a difference. Learn to observe the voice inside. You will notice that as you observe it, it will shy away and stop making this running commentary about everything. You should start by not believing what it says. This will cause you to feel relief. This is the beginning of your enlightenment. The knowledge that you are not your mind, you are actually a force of God is empowering. You are the human consciousness who is connected to God.

Honour All People

If you are human consciousness, then it implies that everyone else also human consciousness. A human spirit, made by God from God. Everyone is a piece of God. Everyone deserves your utmost respect because of their inherent sacredness. Honour all human beings, they are gods, even if they may not know that as yet.

Therefore treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. Since you and everyone else, came from God, you should see yourself in everybody that you interface with. You may be in a position of power but know that this will pass away. What will remain is that we are all brothers (there are no female spirits). Being corrupt therefore is truly inflicting an injury against your brother. By extension is an injury to self, to our collective human consciousness. We should stop this, it is pointless.

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