Matthew 25:14-30 – The Parable of the Talents

I was earlier on today listening to a recording of Steve Job’s 2005 Stanford University Commencement address. In his speech, he talked about his relationship with death and how death motivates him.

He said that you should take every day as if it’s the last day of your life. So he admonished the graduates that they should live each day with the power of one who thinks that it’s the last day of their life.

A thought

This got me thinking. I thought, so what if I knew my Date of Death (DOD). What if I had the exact date and it happened to say, just 2 years away. What changes would I make in my life? How would I live my life differently from the way I am living right now? Some thoughts started pouring into my mind and I told myself that I need to make some immediate changes in my life.

What struck me the most is that we human beings tend to take life for granted. In one of my articles on the Success Mind blog, I said that life is a very precious commodity that we have been given by God. The chance that you as a human being should be alive right is so small that it is almost zero%. We are all forces of nature and accomplishment. We need to take the privilege of being alive now so seriously.

The Vice of Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most serious vices known to work against human progress and achievement. Procrastination is responsible for Billions of Dollars that will never ever be recovered in business ideas and inventions that were left untouched in human brains.

Here are some of the things that I would make. I am sure that you will find yourself as you read my changes;

Business Development

I would push to structure my business affairs to maturity. I will appoint managers who would replace what I do in the business. A real destiny business should be able to run without the founder. The founder of the business should work at a strategic level of the business and not as a technician.


I would spend more time with my wife and kids. One never appreciates the value of family relationships until they have lost the family members. I have resolved to respect my relationship with my wife and kids and make sure that they are strong and meaningful.

I would also reconnect with my siblings and mother. The situation in Zimbabwe (my home country) has scattered my family all over the world. It takes wisdom to keep in touch with your family and to be resourceful to them, otherwise, life has no meaning.

Time Management

I would honour this resource called time. I would make use of it in such a way that it is not wasted. Time management is a tool that can allow you to figuratively stretch the day as it may.

Develop a Spiritual Connection

Prayer is a powerful tool that we use to download the heavenly blueprints to earth. When we pray, God talks to us and gives us the direction for our heavenly mandate here on earth. Prayer is not so much about changing God’s mind to us but it is more about communicating the will of the Lord.

No to other People’s Opinions

Respecting other people’s opinions is one of the greatest weaknesses that we have as human beings. While one is supposed to have a healthy relationship with others, this does not mean that you should open yourself to other people’s limiting opinions. God is always talking to you and if you listen well enough, His word will become clearer to you. Stop respecting other people’s opinions over yours and your Lord’s.

A changed Diet and An Active Life

I would immediately change my diet. I would start limiting the fatty foods and starches that I eat. I would get back into shape. One of the reasons’ why a good diet is very important is to enable you to have enough energy to get you through the day an avoid feeling sluggish in the afternoons. A well-balanced diet is an absolute prerequisite for a successful life.

I would also become more active. I love taking long walks. Usually, when I walk, I take along an Audiobook and listen to it. This way I can exercise both my body and mind at one go.

Move in Boldness

Boldness is a decision. If I knew when I would die, I would not even think twice before I approach those people who can take me forward in my endeavours. Fear of men and shyness is a reserve for those who still have a lot of time left.

So here you go, you are most certainly going to die. The only unknown is the actual date. Will you procrastinate, waste your time and defer your dream? The world is watching, God who has capacitated you is watching too.

What are you gonna do?


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