The other day this week I was driving to the mall with my son Jayden. We were chatting about whatever a boy chats about when he is with his father. He then asked me to explain the relationship between a human spirit and the body. When I was thinking of the best way to answer him, an idea dropped into my spirit. 

I told him that the spirit of a human being is like a driver and the human body is like a car. It is the spirit (the driver) that decides the direction which the car (the body) goes. In the same manner, it is the human spirit that decides what the body should do. If the spirit decides to run, the body runs, if the spirit decides to lie down, the body lies down. So whatever happens to the body, originates in the spirit. The human spirit is a powerful entity. It is a part of God.

I also told him that when a car gets badly damaged, say in an accident, the driver cannot drive the car. Depending on the level of damage, the car may need to go to the mechanics and the panel beaters for repairs. Likewise when the human body gets damaged, say in an accident or in illness, it also needs to be repaired. The doctor is like a mechanic, he repairs the body until it can function properly again. I told him that while the car is being repaired, the driver is not able to use it at that moment. Our spirits likewise are not able to properly function when the body is in its damaged form. That is why we should avoid injuries.

Concerning death, I told him that when the car gets damaged so bad that the mechanics can no longer repair it, the driver is forced to leave the car at the junkyard. No matter how much the driver loved the car, if the car can no longer function, the driver will have to abandon it. This is what happens in death, an accident or a disease can so damage the body such that it can no longer sustain the spirit. The spirit is then forced to abandon the body and go to heaven.

Later on, while I was busy replaying this conversation, another word dropped into my spirit; “forgive them because they do not know what they are doing”. This is a quotation from the bible. While Jesus was being persecuted, he prayed for those who were bent on injuring them to be forgiven. This word took a new meaning to me. How is it that Jesus was praying that his tormentors did not know what they were doing? He was saying that because the tormentors were dealing only with the superficial look of things. To them, Jesus was a liar who also claimed to be a king of the Jews. They did not know the underlying reason why they were actually doing the killing. That was to save humanity.

Living your life without knowledge is a dangerous affair. We should always seek to understand the real reason why things are as they are. There are principles that govern everything that happens on this earth. If you do not understand the principle that governs what you will be doing, you are in danger of meeting some unexpected results. For example, a refusal to give comes from not knowing what you are doing. A person that does not give, is like a farmer who is not planting. Such a farmer should not expect to receive a harvest no matter how well they water their farm. The principle of giving is valid for use by any human being.

Do not withhold good when it is in your ability to give. When a person comes to ask, see it as an opportunity to plant. God has given you an opportunity to plant your seed. It shall definitely bear fruit in due season. Do not stop doing good, to do this is shutting the windows of heaven over your life.

Continuing to use the same analogy, the quality of the driver is seen on the state of the car that they drive. A car that has many dents shows that it has endured a lot of abuse in the hands of the driver, likewise, the state of your body is a reflection of the state of your spirit. A person who fails to take care of their body is just a bad driver. Bad drivers need to learn how to be better drivers. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your driving. Be attentive, make the most of your time here on earth. 

Bless you!

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