Heath Ledger who beautifully plays the Joker in the movie, The Dark Knight says these immortal words “Why so serious?” He goes on to explain how his father, decided to give him his signature always smiling scars by curving a permanent Clown’s smile over his cheeks. With this sick attack, the father somehow wanted him to keep on smiling even with a closed mouth!

There is something to be said about smiling and happiness in general. Happiness is a choice to be made and not a feeling to search for in things like narcotics or beer.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted to have said; “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Happiness is that universal feeling that makes us all feel that we can conquer our challenges and ultimately the world.

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Here are some three reasons why you should be happy right now;

You are Alive

The chances that you should be alive right now are basically zero. This means that for you to be alive right now, you should be a real force of nature, a force to be reckoned with, a superpower basically. Since we usually take ourselves for granted, we tend to ignore that we are so special. You are so special whether you recognise it or you don’t. As a human being, you should know that you have achieved quite a feat by just being alive right now, from a sperm and egg state in your parents’ loins to what you are now. Be happy about that. You have achieved before and you certainly will achieve again.

If you are happy, you will be more productive

Happy people tend to be more productive. Being a happy soul reduces the presence of those stress-causing hormones in your body that causes you to be sluggish and weak. A weakened person will not achieve much by way of production. A happy person tends to be full of energy with that, can do attitude, that is responsible for most achievers.

If you are happy you are healthier

God created the human body with checks and balances that ensure the most efficient use of the available resources in the current circumstances and environment. A well-nourished body, for example, tends to function more efficiently as it exploits the available resources like food and water. An unhappy body, however, tends to shut down some very helpful body functions in anticipation of a period of stress.

If an unhappy spell prolongs, the body functions that are either shut down or throttled down will result in the build-up of all sorts of unhealthy chemicals which in turn causes the body to attract diseases.

In conclusion, I, just say like the Joker says; ‘Why so serious?” There are more reasons than not to be happy on this earth. Hold fast to what is good and lose the bad elements of this life!

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