There is no Woman Spirit

Do you know that the human spirit has got no gender? Yes, what we call a woman is actually the female body of a human being that was designed by God to be a lady or a woman. So it is actually the body that is a woman. The souls of men are the same.  When I say men I mean human beings.

In this post, I’m going to show you that you, my sisters can be strong. I would like to show you that it is only your body that is weak and not the spirit that you are made of. You should not let the body define you. You should let the body be just well, the body. You the person who stays inside the body, you are actually strong

Sexual Violence in Africa

One of our challenges in Africa is the prevalence of violence against women. In sub-Saharan Africa, a whole 22.3% of women aged between 15 and 49 years, have at one time another experienced either physical or sexual violence that was usually perpetrated by an intimate partner. This is just too much.

This wave of evil partly comes from our culture in Africa. We have got this tendency to look at women as objects and not as people. So, when men perpetrate violence against women, were doing that from the basis that they are weak and they cannot fight for themselves.  Our history is full of abuse and objectifying women.

The violence against women especially sexual violence results in diseases of the body like HIV AIDS and other STIs that are prevalent in Africa. The other painful challenge with Violence against women is that it brings the diseases of the mind. There are diseases of the mind of that may cause the women that would have been raped or violated in any way to fail to relate with their environment in a normal way. Episodes of lack of trust, fear to relate or even complete psychotic behaviour usually follow abused women.

Studies also show that the chance of repeated sexual attacks is usually high to those who have been attacked once. This is caused by the lack of confidence that also follows the victims of sexual violence with the resulting timidity and failure to say No.

A solution to Sexual Violence

The solution to sexual violence against women lies between men and women.  Men should play their part and it is a great part. We need to really emphasize that men are usually the perpetrators of sexual violence and it is so appalling that even in this time and age men still see women as objects of their pleasures and not as fellow human beings.

The focus of this article is however to the women. What women can do in order to also protect themselves from sexual violence. We know that men can do a lot to protect women. I, however, say that since women are usually at the receiving end of sexual violence, they also need to empower themselves.

The Old preacher Peter writes in the King James Bible in 1 Peter 3 verse 7 and says; “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.“. What I like about this piece of scripture is that it says; women are weaker vessels. This means that what is weak as far as women are concerned is actually the body and not the mind nor the spirit.  It is just the body which is the weaker vessel and the more the women know that the more empowered they are. As a woman, you should know that what is “weak” about you is actually the body and nothing else. You can be so strong in the mind.  You need to realise that most of the battles that we are going through are battles of the mind. Battles start in the mind and then later manifest in the natural and physical.

Girls should be taught to be strong in Mind

It is important therefore that we should teach the girls from a very young age that they be very assertive so that they can be strong in word. They need to be able to stand with their decisions. A woman should know that she has a right to her body and a right to decide what happens to it.

Although this is not the rule, studies have shown many women who have been abused by their partners could have avoided their next abuse. There are usually some tell-tale signs of an abusive man. If a woman does not wait very long before the physical abuse is committed, she can part ways early in the relationship before she invests her emotions into the relationship. A strong woman knows when enough is enough.

Women are strong. You are as strong as men, psychologically. Actually, you are stronger than some men.  You just need to be assertive. Stand for what you believe.  You need to know that if you cannot beat them physically you can beat them psychology. So it’s all the mind. Be sure to make your mind strong. You can fight with your mind. You should be able to stand for yourself you should be able to say sorry if you need to and you should be able to say NO if that is what you mean to say!

A Note to My Sisters

You need to start with yourself. Learn to love yourself, learn to see yourself as the creator sees you. You are a person, a trendsetter, a community builder, a change agent. You are important and deserve all that God has given to you. God has called you to greatness, follow His leading. He is all you need to succeed in this life.

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