This article is part of my notebook on how to run a business. I am just writing what I have learnt and also implementing in my business.

The term ‘professional’ brings to mind some mixed feeling to different business and salespeople. Depending on your background and also your current area of business, the work may mean different things. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term means ‘A person competent or skilled in a particular activity.‘ This then means that being professional is a habit and not necessarily the way we look. (although this is also very important)

How do you treat your clients or customers?

For me, being professional with my clients means that I need to provide real and appropriate value to them. I believe that when I sale to a client, they need to remain satisfied for a long time. A client should obtain real value from any business transaction that I engage with them.

There is a mentality that is found in many business people that forces them to force a sale with each and every prospective client that they come across. This is just wrong. If you are not able to give a prospective client some real value, then you have no business selling to them

Position yourself as a consultant

When you approach a prospective client as a consultant and not a salesperson, you remove the sting out of the sales process. Learn to start a sales pitch by telling the prospect to relax since you are not going to try to force them to buy anything. You can tell them that you want to ask them a series of questions so that you can determine if you can give them a solution that can improve their life or business.

You will realise that merely saying that will cause your prospect to relax and also answer your questions honestly with no pressure whatsoever. If the client is not a good fit for your product, tell them and then ask for references.  You will realise that if the client is a good fit for your product, you will not have a problem with closing the sale.

See yourself as an advisor and problem solver for your clients

Another way of being professional in sales is by positioning yourself as an advisor to your client. During a sales pitch, take some time to understand the prospect’s real goes and ambitions. You can do this by asking quality and smart questions that really get to the bottom of the prospect’s problems.

You can then use the prospect’s responses to give real and actionable advice to the prospect. Your advice can use your products and services as the solution. A good salesperson will advise a prospect to take a competitor’s product if they do not have an appropriate solution to the prospect’s needs.

Let your customers know that you have a mind to help them

A great salesperson will help their customers no matter the situation. When a customer knows that you have a mind for them, they will not only buy from you but will also refer their friends. A satisfied customer will invite you to their home and will trust you with their business.

In conclusion, it is important that you know that you should act as if you are going to be working with each prospect that you meet for a very long time. Do not be a sniper in business. Each sales call should be seen as an opportunity to make money and at the sale time market the business.


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