Dear My African Brothers and Sisters,

I write to you to tell you that you are important. You are valuable and you have to believe that. I would like you to know that you need to start respecting yourself, your life. There is a sacredness that is in you no matter what is your current circumstance is like, you are a piece of God.

You cannot just die like a chicken. You have a calling, something that you have to do on this earth. You should not leave this earth until you have accomplished that thing. Remember you can only do this thing while you are still alive here on earth. So maybe it’s a good idea to stick around for some time?

If your life is important, so the same applies to the life of everyone else who is in Africa and indeed the whole world. This means that the life of the robber and that of the common thief are also important. Do not take life, no matter what happens. It is not yours to take. Do not participate in mob justice. Do not kill. When you “necklace” a fellow human being, just know that you have also “necklaced” your own life. After all, our lives are connected. What goes around, comes way back around.

If you value other people’s lives, people will also value yours. That’s the law of karma in operation. If you view other people’s lives as cheap, someone will also cheapen your life and maybe put a bullet in your head while they are at it. If you respect the foreigner who is in your land, give him shelter and protect him, then someone will also do the same in your time of need.

Remember again, your Life is not Cheap, All Life is Valuable. This is the essence of the New Africa, which we all want to live in. This is the value that we should believe in, this home of ours can be a better place.

Your Brother,



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